November 14-17th

Mountain ranch, CA


Mystery of Breathing

4 days of self-exploration and learning most powerful

 breathing methods

Experiential Retreat for Human Beings,

who want to have Meaning in Life.


Mystery of Breathing is a deep dive breathwork retreat. On a nature. In a small intimate group.

Different breathwork types. Meditations.

Self-reflection and sharing 

Psychedelic type of experiences

Individual intention and focus.

Shared processes to help the facilitation




Heal your traumas and overcome old frontiers with Rebirthing. Rebirthing brings you expanded awareness on all levels and helps to navigate in the alternate states of consciousness, connecting with your true self. Rebirthing was invented in 1970s by Leonard Orr and became a start for a number of other breathwork types, still having it’s own uniqueness and great transformational power.


Feel the ecstatic existence and develop your creativity with Vivation. It was created by Jim Lenard in 1970s. He tried to answer the question why Rebirthing Breathwork works? How to get Insights from the process ? How to connect the deep experiences with the real life challenges?

Vivation technic includes the circular breathing, relaxation, attention for details and integration. 



Reach the Wholeness with Holotropic Breathwork. It was developed by Dr. Stan Grof to allow participants to access the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness through breath and music. This brings you a personalized experience that can result in such things as more joy and freedom, resolution of childhood trauma, a transpersonal satori type of experience of union with the universe, a deeper understanding of the purpose and meaning of your life ...



Find solution to your current questions. DA Breathing is a Breathing practice of acceptance and recognition of kindness that surrounds us.

DA in Russian means YES. DA comes not through artificial escaping to positive whatever happens and not through rejecting your emotions but through true sincerity and acceptance. 

It is a possibility to break the chains of habitual loneliness, meet and accept your worries, open towards the World and other Human Beings and to experience the Bliss of Life Flow.


Tatiana ginzburg,

Retreat leader and facilitator

As a breathwork facilitator, Tatiana focuses on individual intention and integration of the process, with the aim to find an answer and solution rather than just have a trip.

Besides breathwork guiding, she is an experienced master of reflection and dialog.


She uses different styles and methods from an ancient to modern frontier in a mysterious mix, supporting your self-exploration.

Tatiana personaly knows founder of rebirthing- leonard orr, founder of holotropic breathwork - stanislav groff, founder of vivation - jim leonard and sergey gorsky, dounder of free breathing


Tatiana has PhD in transpersonal psychology and over 20 years of experience in various breathwork techniques.

She is a founder of European Breathwork School (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), ex-national Russian coordinator at International Breathwork Foundation,

author of book «Methodology of Integration in Breathwork».

You can read her article about integration in breathwork on 


Beautiful Gaiatree Retreat Center

in Calaveras County, CA

approximately 3 hours drive east of Bay Area.

Hiking territory. Quite and peacefull environment. Sauna. Pond and gardens to compliment our stay.


Standard price includes shared accommodation in different rooms or yurt.

For additional charge of $60 per night you can get single room or tree house.


We will prepare healthy vegetarian meals for you, that are light, nutritious and good for practicing. 

Retreat kitchen has fire stove, that we'll explore.


See What was on Mystery of breathing -2018

To get experience in Altered States of Consciousness

To re-experience your Birth

To look into near-death experience

to have bliss from breathing process

To become deeper and 

get new meaning

and more ...

tel. 707 865 9456

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How much does it cost?

Price range for Retreat Program only is $400:
Early Bird discount price (until September 30th) - $150 per person
October discount price (September 30th until October 30th) - $250
November price (October 30th to November 13th) - $300
At the door, November 14th - $400

Lodging price for 3 nights/4 days and a three meals per day is in addition to Retreat program is $300-$450 depending on type of room. Or ask for other options.
To reserve your participation you can make the down payment in the amount of $150 and pay the rest before the event starts
or cash or credit card in Russian house #1 (Jenner, CA)


November 14-17th

Mountain ranch, CA

Mystery of Breathing